Because we believe that nature looks after us, we've listed our recipes per season. By mostly using local ingredients that grow in a particular season, you'll not only benefit from the maximum nutritional value, seasonal vegetables are a lot cheaper too!

Below are this month's recipes. By limiting yourself to only eating seasonal vegetables, you'll definitely appreciate each ingredient much more when it is in season!

The recipes we've published require basic cooking skills.

And remember; food doesn't need to look good, for it to taste good!

Seasonal Recipes this Month
Preserving & Brewing Recipes

Preserving your glut of vegetables will make it last through winter when little fresh is available. Homemade sauerkraut, pickled carrots, Indonesian Dutch Atjar Tjampoer, chilli sauce and piccalilli. Or why not try to make your own wine, beer and cider to be even more self-sufficient?

Seasonal Recipes this Month
May Recipes

Seasonal recipes for the month May. For a healthier lifestyle (and help the planet), try to have one vegetarian meal per week. Or if you like eating less meat, try to also eat one vegan meal per week!