Leave it to Nature
Step back and see what happens

Over the years, nature has been squeezed more and more out of our garden and now the time has come to bring nature back into our own back yard.

Circle of the Good Life is a website dedicated to a greener way of living for anyone who wants to feel part of nature.

Our aim is to inspire a way of living which is in harmony with nature and is part of the circle of life.

We moved to Scotland from the Netherlands in 2006. First working as volunteers on organic crofts, farms & smallholdings across Scotland, after which we moved to the tiny village of Glendevon in the Ochils, Scotland.

On 1/4 of an acre we grow their own vegetables, preserve our own food and keep a handful of rowdy chickens. Via this website we hope to inspire others to look after nature in their own garden and to live more in harmony with nature.