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  • Stirling Health Food Store
    Award winning independent Health Shop selling whole & dietary foods, supplements, toiletries and home brew in Stirling, Scotland, UK.

  • Windy February
    I think it is fair to say that it has been a very windy February, with storm after storm after storm and with another gale blowing outside while I’m writing this and more forecast ...
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  • Glendevon on the map
    Glendevon was mentioned on the BBC weather map!
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  • Warmest February on record
    The weather definitely is changing, how much is down to natural processes and how much is caused by us humans, is another debate entirely!
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  • Rambo the Oak
    In previous blogs I’ve written about how I like to rescue little tree saplings with the aim to planting them out and creating a mini woodland next to our house.
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  • Recording nature’s events
    Not long after we lost Hannah (2nd in command) last month, our other white chicken fell ill too and we feared for her life, BUT she is fully recovered now and is back to her old se...
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  • Freezing rain
    I was worried that after the illness of Mrs Feathers, our late white hen, the other hens may become sick too, but I am glad to say that our three remaining hens are alive and kicki...
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  • Sorrel and Lettuce Soup
    A green soup to celebrate the start of Spring! If you can't find sorrel, you can substitute it with spinach, although sorrel has a slightly acidic flavour. Sorrel can't be consumed...
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  • Vegan Panna Cotta with White Chocolate
    This panna cotta is made with vegan chocolate and vegan gelatine. Topped with (wild) strawberries and blueberries, it makes a happy and healthy dessert!
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  • Robinto has returned!
    Now that the days are getting longer again (and colder), it’s time to start planning for the new growing season. Not that I can start sowing outside just yet, but it isn’t too far ...
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