Nasturtium are bright yellow, orange and red flowers which are perfect for bees and bumblebees. And they look good too in your garden!

Sow Nasturtiums
Sow Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums (Tropaeolum) are very easy to grow in all UK climates:

  • just sow seeds in a pot in March (or outside if you are in the south of the UK)
  • let them germinate and grow into small plants
  • plant them out in the garden when the last frost has been (usually late April or May).

Bumblebees and bees love the flowers of nasturtium and so do I!

Did you know you can eat nasturtium flowers and pickle the pods like capers too?
Flowers can be added to salads: they have a slight spicy flavour and they also add lots of colour. 
The recipe for nasturtium capers can be found here