Don't cut back flowering ivy in Autumn, but leave it for the bees

Leave Flowering Ivy
Leave Flowering Ivy

As summer comes to an end, so do many of the bee-friendly plants for bumblebees and other pollinators, but there is one important source of pollen and nectar for pollinators in autumn and that is flowering ivy (Hedera helix).

A common and widespread native plant which produces little 'globe-shaped' flowers from September through to November, providing a vital fuel stop for pollinators, including the aptly named 'Ivy mining bee' (Colletes hederae). The flowers, which are produced on 'mature' ivy, are not 'showy' and many people are unaware that ivy even has flowers!

Flowering ivy also acts as a refuge for other wildlife including birds and other insects looking for a winter home.

So, job for this Autumn is, well, NOT to do anything and just leave the ivy be!

For more information watch this video from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.