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  • Provide a bed for Hedgehogs
    Hedgehogs need a safe place to spend the winter hibernating, here is what you can do.
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  • Build a Hedgeflap
    The average hedgehog roams around 2 km (1 mile) per night, but fences restrict them in moving and stop them from finding enough food and also reduces the chance of finding a mate.
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  • Hedgehog Street
    Stories, supporting hedgehogs and more tips and advice on how to help our prickly friends.

  • The Ultimate Staycation
    On the first night we camped out I heard some scuffling outside the tent and was convinced it was a hedgehog, but getting out of your sleeping bag takes a lot longer than you might...
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  • Rambo the Oak
    In previous blogs I’ve written about how I like to rescue little tree saplings with the aim to planting them out and creating a mini woodland next to our house.
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  • Hedgehogs
    These cute little creatures are in serious decline and that is bad news for us, as hedgehogs are partial to a few slugs, so here are some things you can do to entice them to your g...
    Category: project
  • How the cottage found us
    Did I ever tell you the story of how we happened upon the cottage we live in? Or, more correctly, how the cottage found us?
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  • We have a new ‘Hooligan’!
    Well... it’s official: we have a new ‘Hooligan’ in our midst! Or maybe I should say ‘Diva’ because Helga (the Explorer) prefers to wander about on her own, away from the rest of t...
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  • The first skein of geese
    Have you heard or seen the first skein of geese yet? I did recently and it always makes me feel slightly melancholy. On the one hand it means that nature will be slowing down and t...
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  • Ditch the chemicals
    Back to hand weeding, or simply leaving the weeds. Back to non-chemical pest control, or just accept that perfect vegetables don't exist in the wild!
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