Birds may need a helping hand in summer too; prolonged droughts can mean that birds have difficulty finding water. Here is what you can do to help birds during summer.

Caring for birds in Summer
Caring for birds in Summer

Birds need water too and during prolonged drought may find it difficult to access drinking water, so put out a bowl of tap water for them to drink.
The best location is in partial shade, away from cats and away from the bird feeder as seeds and droppings may contaminate the water. Try to put out fresh water every day, in the morning before you go and do your usual activities is a good time. Or building a pond is even better! It can even be a small, old washing up bowl dug into the ground.

May and June are the months most birds care for their young and young birds will fledge, so if you are feeding your birds, make sure that in this time of the year, the bird seed is smaller in size (fledgling mix is available).
If you find a baby bird on the ground only check to see if it's not on the road and if there are no cats and if not than best is to leave it alone: the parents are likely to be watching from a tree nearby. Only interfere if the baby bird is injured or if it's still on the same location after a couple of hours.

Provide shade for birds and other wildlife by planting shrubs and flowers. Berberis is a good shrub as it not only provides shade and shelter, it also produces berries in winter.