Did you know that each person uses on average 165 litres of water per day in Scotland?
That is 660 litres per day for a household of 4!!

Saving Water
Saving Water

With the drier summers we have seen in the past few years, now is the time (I you haven't done so already) to start saving water for using in the garden. Rainwater is always best to use for watering the garden as tap water may be too alkaline for certain plants, like rhododendrons and blueberries. 

Reasons to install water butts:

  • reduce the amount of tap water you are using
  • better for plants
  • by intercepting rain in your water butts, you are actively helping to reduce flood waters when there are heavy downpours!

What else can I do to save water?

There are other things you can do to save the amount of water you use in the garden:

  • only water early in the morning or in the evening.
    Water evaporates much faster during daytime, so this way more water gets absorbed by the plants
  • use a watering can instead of a hose.
    An average hose uses up 5 bath tubs of water in just 30 minutes! And by watering with a can, you direct the water where it's needed and not to the pavement.
  • don't water the lawn.
    Grass is extremely resilient and can survive periods of droughts no problem even when it has turned brown. It'll go all green again with the next rainy period.
  • grow evergreen mat-forming plants like Vinca major
    These will keep the soil moist for a long period of time and so reduces the need for watering nearby plants
  • in severe droughts, try to reuse water you used for washing vegetables to water garden plants with.

Reference: Scottish Water