Don't pull them out! Leave some seed heads for the birds to eat throughout winter!

Leave Seed Heads
Leave Seed Heads

This project is not really a project, by which I mean you don't need to do anything; just leave some or all seed heads of flowering plants overwinter for birds to enjoy.

Many flowering plants have seeds in their seed heads birds enjoy eating, so by leaving them birds will  have a free and easy meal when there is nothing left. You can still clear away the ones which have toppled over if you like, or the ones which have fallen over paths, but just leave all other seed heads for nature.

By doing this, you are also providing an overwintering space for insects (if the birds don't find them first!) and you'll be improving your soil as well, as dead plants provide structure to the soil and dead plants also increases the amount of rain the soil can take up, so you'll  have less flooding.

Dead seed heads can look very pretty too in winter when the frost leaves a silvery white 'halo' around it.

Plants ideal for seed heads:

Ornamental grasses