Trees come and sadly go too
December 2023

Did you know that chickens actually have taste buds?

Black Punkers & Young Parents
November 2023

Our little oak is still only 14! And Harvey was still technically speaking a cockerel!

Middle Earth
October 2023

We’ve named the entire plot ‘Middle Earth’ after Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books.

Chickens keep surprising me, they really do.
September 2023

How did we go from 4 to 23 chickens within a year’s time?!

This chicken addiction of mine is getting slightly out of hand and although one is broody again, she is most definitely not allowed to sit on any eggs as we really do not need any more!

Baby chick madness!
August 2023

Remember how we had 2 broody hens sitting on eggs and that another one had disappeared and how we couldn’t find her.

Chicken Maternity Ward
July 2023

Right now our outdoor run looks like a maternity ward: we’ve got two broody hens sitting on separate nests in separate ‘broody coops’.

Rambo the Oak
June 2023

In previous blogs I’ve written about how I like to rescue little tree saplings with the aim to planting them out and creating a mini woodland next to our house.

Harvey Hospital
May 2023

A week before we were heading to the Netherlands, Harvey injured himself.

Attack of the slugs
April 2023

Did you know that cabbage plants release a chemical which is very unpleasant for slugs and therefore the slug will leave the cabbage alone.

Hen and co. for all your demolition works
March 2023

After the chickens rampage through our garden this winter, it’s time to make up the balance of the damage they have done and I think I’ve got a name for them: “Hen and co. for all your demolition works”.

Oh Harvey, poor Harvey!
February 2023

He is trying his best to wow the ladies, but they are not impressed by it all; they are either pecking him, throwing him off or just run away

The Answer to the Ultimate Question is:
January 2023

The number 17 (or was it 42?)