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Keeping chickens isn't always fun
December 2018

Mrs Feathers who had what we assumed was a broken wing last month, took a turn for the worse a few weeks back and it was only humane to let her go.

Hen in a jumper
November 2018

We had a lovely holiday travelling, meeting family and friends, but when we came home we noticed one of our hens had a limp wing.

Preserving time
October 2018

We are now heading towards that time of year again, where everything starts to slow down.

Beetroot and Sauerkraut
September 2018

I wasn’t joking last month when I predicted I’d be making sauerkraut in August; it’s already in the big crock fermenting away!

Tufty is still alive!
August 2018

Let’s start with the big news first: Tufty, our poorly hen is still with us!!

Rest in Peace Tufty
July 2018

Keeping chickens is not always as straightforward as it seems. Most of the time it’s just a matter of opening the henhouse in the morning; feeding them and locking them in again at night.

My own herb garden
June 2018

I’ve been living in Scotland for long enough now to blend in with the locals when it comes to skin tone. When I was over in the Netherlands at the end of May, my very pale skin made me stick out like a sore thumb! Thankfully the weather has turned sunny and warm and I’m slowly beginning to catch up now.

Bilberry Bumblebee
May 2018

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust confirmed that we are the proud ‘owners’ of the rare Bilberry Bumblebee! Planting all those wildlife friendly plants and shrubs has paid off, it seems, which I’m very happy about.

Snowed in
April 2018

Well, well, what can I say? We had so much snow last month!! We all did! Due to living half a mile off the main road, my husband JP and I were snowed in for 5 days - finally having to be dug out by the local farmer and his tractor.

Glendevon Rockers & River City
March 2018

There is still not much to do in the garden at the moment, but I have started sowing sweet peppers and chilli peppers - indoors, of course. I’ll probably start to sow tomatoes later in March, too - again indoors.

Small scale gardening - Part 2
February 2018

In the last newsletter I set up a growing plan for 1m2 growing, but don’t despair, if you haven’t got a garden or are unable to plant things where you live, because you can also grow a few vegetables in growing bags, pots or even on your window sill!

Small scale vegetable growing
January 2018

Tips on how to grow your own in a small garden.