10.6 chickens
December 2022

That is how many we now have and more than my husband, JP, ever wanted, but they are there and here to stay. Why 10.6?

Monster Caterpillar
November 2022

Harvey's story, Dutch pears glut and a monster in the garden.

Meet Harvey!
October 2022

And Meet the Sussexes!

Prepare for Hatching Day!
September 2022

We better get that new hen cathedral built as we are ‘expecting’ 12 new arrivals anytime now!

Record Breaking Temperature
August 2022

What a summer it has been so far: we are not at the end of July yet, but I think we’ll be close to it being the driest July ever.

Saving Poor Plants
July 2022

Have I ever told you the story on how I got 4 hosta plants for just 50p? No? Well, it went like this:

Two Farewells
June 2022

Not long after my beloved Hank the Tank passed away, Scary Hetty said goodbye too.

Betty (Blue)'s Game
May 2022

Betty (Blue) has got a new game: hold up the queue! One of our black chickens isn’t the brightest and has gotten into the habit of waiting on the ramp while the rest of the flock wants to get out enjoying their day!

Nature's Calendar
April 2022

From one extreme to another; February was very windy and the best part of March has been warm, sunny and dry. I don’t know for Scotland yet, but some parts of the Netherlands have seen a meagre 1 mm rain during the entire month!

Windy February
March 2022

I think it is fair to say that it has been a very windy February, with storm after storm after storm and with another gale blowing outside while I’m writing this and more forecast for the next few days. My new weather station recorded a 67 mph gust at one point early February and regularly 40 mph + wind speeds during the last couple of weeks.

Hank the Tank - Part 2
February 2022

Hank the Tank is now getting way too boisterous for my liking, and as bold as brass, too. Nothing scares her. Last week she chased away a flock of sheep who dared to gather in the field next to the hen house!

Weather and Birds
January 2022

Back to me wittering on about chickens, the weather, wildlife and gardening - but not necessarily in that order. Mind you, there is not a lot of gardening going on right at this very moment as it’s winter time just in case you hadn’t noticed. But there is plenty of weather and wildlife to make up for it!