One pathetic looking runner bean
October 2012

Dear, oh dear, more strong winds! Living in the hills is nice, but we’re very exposed for westerly winds, so growing runner beans can be a challenge. If the early frost didn’t kill them, the wind did!
So I only harvested one pathetic looking runner bean....

Even experienced gardeners have failures
September 2012

I always say: “If Monty Don has difficulties growing vegetables, than I can be lucky if I can grow anything at all!”

Welcome to our Good Life
August 2012

My husband and I live in the tiny village of Glendevon, about 20 miles from Stirling, high up in the Ochils. It is a very exposed area with plenty of midges, cold nights (just recorded 4C in July) and strong winds. Growing vegetables is not always an easy thing to do, but then again I quite like a bit of a challenge.