Fun fact is; we used to live in Amersfoort, a city also known as ‘City of the Boulder Pullers/Towers’.

One massive boulder
May 2017

My husband insisted I tell you the story of our neighbour’s chicken’s quest... to invade our garden! So here goes...
Our neighbours have three lovely hens who like to roam around our house. But they also like to jump over our fence into our garden destroying the pots we’ve planted bulbs in. They are probably after bugs and beasties, which is fair enough, but does nothing for the appearance of our ornamental pots. So, firstly we lined the pots with chicken wire to keep them out, but then they decided to come in to our garden and dig out our newly planted heather plants. Again, not ideal (the heather survived though). So, my husband covered every single entrance point with more chicken wire, even putting up string across the fence to deter them from jumping over it. It seemed to work for a few days, but then we woke to the sound of sawing and hammering coming from behind some bushes (Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference, there), only to find out that the resourceful chickens had built a stile to gain access to our garden! No, not really, but somehow they still managed to get in! My husband is now at his wits’ end. I suppose we just have to keep on covering sensitive plants and our ornamental pots (sorry, Jenny (our neighbour), I know you can’t stop them either...).

Now for another story:

My husband has got more projects on the go this year, it really is never ending. One of them is to build a bigger woodshed, the other is to build a small patio for us to sit out and enjoy the weather. He had to dig out quite a lot of soil to create a level surface. With us being situated over 700ft up a hill I worried he might hit bedrock and a patio would be out of the question. But when I came home one Saturday afternoon, I discovered he had managed to dig out the main sitting area without finding any massive rocks. But when he started to create steps leading into the vegetable garden he stumbled across this little beauty: A massive boulder which we estimate weighs approximately 300 kilos! Believe it or not, with the help of our neighbour, he actually managed to lift it out of the way of the steps. 

So, we’ll make sure to make a feature out of this impressive rock.

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