Well, well, what can I say? We had so much snow last month!! We all did! Due to living half a mile off the main road, my husband JP and I were snowed in for 5 days - finally having to be dug out by the local farmer and his tractor.

Snowed in
April 2018

Many thanks to Stuart and Gregor who, despite me telling them to go home, managed to keep the shop open through it all. Probably the only shop in Stirling... What would I do without them?

Thankfully, all the snow has melted and I can finally look forward to the new growing year. We will be welcoming our first wwoofers (volunteers who come and help us in the garden in return for good food, fun and a warm bed www.wwoof.org.uk ) at the end of March. Hopefully we can get the vegetable beds ready and the wood shed stocked up. When you’ve just been eating seasonal winter vegetables for what seems like forever, you really look forward to ‘green food’ like salad leaves again. Normally I would now be eating nettle soup, various ‘weeds’ from the garden and sorrel, but because of all that snow, hardly any shoots have appeared just yet. There are a few recipes on the shop’s recipe book website featuring delicious ways to use ‘weeds’

Now, I’ve got an equation for you to work out:
1 robinto + 2 robinta = lots of robintii

No idea what I’m blethering about?? Oh well, let me enlighten you!

Every morning during the winter months, we’ve been feeding tasty morsels to a very cheeky robin. He is pretty tame now and even eats from JP’s hand every once in a while! He waits patiently for us when we let the hens out, because that’s when he gets fed. He has been entertaining us with his birdsong for the last few weeks and he’s also managed to charm not one, but two (!) female robins. We named him Robinto and are now calling the girls Robinta. Of course, as you know, when a girl bird and a boy bird get together, you can expect to get lots of chicks, or robintii as we like to call them!

As for the TV extra work, I’ve recently been involved in filming scenes for a new BBC drama. I don’t really know anything about it yet - I met some really nice people, but the whole experience wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be this time round. A lot of hanging around...
JP has also featured as an extra in River City and he even sat in the exact same spot in the ‘pub’ as I did! What a coincidence - feels like I was just keeping the seat warm for him...! By the way, being an extra doesn’t mean you will necessarily be seen on TV as the top picture shows:

Believe it or not I am actually in this shot, I’m the one obscured by the pram! Hahaha!
But, of course, sometimes you ARE seen - twice! Here’s me sitting in the ‘Tall Ship’ sipping my ‘wine’ and ordering some ‘food’!

Can you spot me?

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