What does one write about when the stars of the show have not been doing anything worth writing about? You find another star, that’s what!

Cedric the Pheasant
April 2019

So, let me introduce you to Cedric, our resident pheasant. This male pheasant (given the name Cedric by one of our regular customers) has been strutting around the place for months and it always brings a smile to my face when he makes an appearance. Recently he has been making these funny noises (which reminds me of cars skidding in a bend) to attract the ladies. And attract the ladies he has! A few weeks ago, on my way to work, he crossed our path with 4 female admirers in tow! Either (by pheasant standards) he’s a bit of a catch or he’s the only male pheasant in the neighbourhood! Either way, you’ve got to admit; he’s a good looking fella!

This time of year always makes me happy; flowers are appearing left right and centre; temperatures are on the up; I have started sowing again and the birds are singing and building nests. Speaking of birds nesting; I have recently installed a very unusual looking bird box, which resembles an old teapot hung upside down! That’s because it is an old teapot hung upside down! I got the idea from a book I was reading and thought, hey, I can do that! So, after rummaging in a charity shop, I found an old teapot and asked my husband to hang it up for me. I added some wood shavings to fill up the spout and now it’s ready for the first birds to move in, which I hope will be any day soon. Apparently you can also use old wellies, boots and shoes as bird boxes, too! Might smell a bit funky, though...

By the way, remember the TV and Film extra work I did in 2017 and 2018? Well, one of the films, shot in Deanston way back in 2017, Tell it to the Bees, has finally released a trailer and I was totally gobsmacked when I recognised a very familiar face in it. Me! How cool is that? You can see me off to the side, gossiping about Holiday Grainger, the lead actress. I look very different though, with my 1950’s hair-do and clothes, but my height is a dead giveaway! The funny thing is; this particular scene was actually my very, very first day as an extra. I hadn’t done anything along those lines before, while all the other extras on the shoot had done loads of things, so I felt like a right newbie!

I am so excited. I just can’t wait for the film to come out! If we are lucky it may be screened in the Macrobert Arts Centre and who knows? I might even make it into the finished film, so keep your eyes peeled for a tall, blonde, 50s housewife with curly hair!

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