With everything in my greenhouse cleaned and sorted it’s time to start sowing again, so I have started off my sweet peppers and chilli peppers, all indoors of course, they need at least 20C to start germinating!

Loads of snow and flooding
March 2020

We are still eating stored onions and potatoes, but we have sadly finished all the fresh vegetables and all the pickled ones too. Not as good as the year before, but still not bad, considering I didn’t garden as much as I would have liked last year. Soon I will be picking some weeds again; nettles for nettle soup, ground elder to use instead of spinach and a range of other edible weeds. I will also have started sowing tomatoes; I normally sow a variety of cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes as well as ordinary tomatoes.

And of course, where Stirling didn’t have any lying snow mid-February, here in Glendevon we had loads! I reckon we must’ve had at least 4 inches lying from Monday right until Friday. Poor Tufty (our one and only last remaining hen), didn’t go out at all, so I gave her some home grown oats and wheat still on the head/spike. This way she has to ‘work’ to get her grains and you could tell that she immediately felt happier as she set about getting all the grains!

And the good news is... we’ve only lost one slate so far in all the high winds! But with storm Dennis approaching many more may go! (update: storm Dennis wasn’t as bad as expected, so no more damage). BUT when the next storm hit (and the next, and the next...) the melting snow combined with heavy prolonged rain, resulted in our lovely little river Devon bursting its banks. We are up high and dry, but knowing myself, I went down to have a look and take pictures (which were used on the BBC Scotland news website). I hope none of you had any serious flooding though!

After a year of not doing any TV-extra work, I’m finally back doing something again, this time for a Christmas movie called ‘Princess Switch 2’. I didn’t even know there was a ‘Princess Switch 1’, nor had I heard of the lead actress, Vanessa Hudgens either. Apparently it is a pretty big movie and particularly popular with teenage girls - as the title suggests it’s a romantic story with a royal twist set at Christmas for good measure! It’s a whole genre of film on its own! It was filmed in Glasgow Cathedral and I was ‘cast’ as a government rep. But I doubt if I will be in shot at all, because there were some 100 other extras that day! It was also a very, very long day; I got up at 5am and only got home at 12.30pm! And then it was back to work in the shop the next day. Forgive me if I looked a bit bleary-eyed!

I’ve also seen Tell it to the Bees again, the film I worked on for three days way back in 2017. I managed to take some pictures of scenes I was in (pictured right). Well, one thing’s for sure, no need to insert an arrow to point out where I am in the frame! I did lots of scenes with Scottish actress Kate Dickie, who plays a rather unpleasant character in the film, but in real life she is really down to earth and very nice!

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