Dear, oh dear, more strong winds! Living in the hills is nice, but we’re very exposed for westerly winds, so growing runner beans can be a challenge. If the early frost didn’t kill them, the wind did!
So I only harvested one pathetic looking runner bean....

One pathetic looking runner bean
October 2012

There is good news too though. This year I grew my courgettes under a lightweight poly tunnel, which needless to say, blew away, BUT my courgettes survived the winds and now that they are back under their cosy poly tunnel, they have started growing again!

As you all know there aren’t many elderberries this year, so I can’t make elderberry wine from the fresh fruits, so I will have to do with dried elderberries. That’s a nice job to do on wet and windy days. There are however advantages to living in a windy area; the cabbage butterfly just gets blown past the cabbages, we don’t have many slugs either and the carrot fly faces the same problem as the butterflies!

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